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Why use Tailored Media

✔ 20 years of experience

Founded by renowned marketing expert Brendon Sinclair, Tailored Media
has long been a leader in advertising and marketing. With 15+ talented
team members, it’s experience that makes the difference.

Specialist expert team

We pride ourselves on our people. With in-house specialists across a range
of areas, you get the right work from true experts from publicists, digital marketing
experts, designers, copywriters and more.

✔ Highly credentialed, award winning and results focused

Accredited Google Partners, rated the Gold Coast’s best ad agency, getting real results and
committed to success.  With 20 years of success, we know just how to give you awesome value.

Tailored Media’s SEO Process

Our SEO Successes

We have a long history of SEO success for clients across the Gold Coast, Australia and the world. We are strong proponents of ethical, useful and sustainable SEO and are here to help Google understand your web site.  We’re not here to trick Google for short term gain.

Our founder and CEO Brendon Sinclair literally wrote the book on web businesses – his “Web Design Business Kit” (3 editions from 2003-2007) has been one of Australia’s most profitable ever business books.

This is evidenced by some of our remarkable Google ranking successes – including # 1 rankings for hugely competitive terms.

✔ #1 for Ugg Boots (in the USA and Australia) – Done
✔ #1 for Surfboards – Done
✔ #1 for Invitations – Done
✔ #1 for Pool Tables – Done
✔ #1 for World’s Best Web Designer – Done
✔ #1 for Stand Up Paddle Boards – Done
✔ #1 for Online Personal Trainer – Done
✔ #1 for Eczema Treatment – Done
✔ #1 for Management Rights Gold Coast – Done
✔ #1 for TV Commercials Gold Coast – Done

Brendon Sinclair heads up the SEO team

Brendon Sinclair heads up the SEO team

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Just how important is SEO these days – The answer might surprise you

As an SEO expert, many people ask us the relevance of SEO now that AdWords placements are so prevalent online.

We understand the question because when you see search results on a mobile phone, the very first results you will see are the Google Ads. Then, quite often, the maps display before you finally get to the organic results.

By “organic results” we mean the free results Google display as the most relevant and useful to your search query.

Very interestingly, Mobile Google Search Click Through Rates are:

  • 40.9% organic,
  • 2% paid and
  • 57.1% no clicks.

Desktop Google Search Click Through Rates

The data (source) is even more conclusive when people search on a desktop.

  • 62.2% of searchers click on the organic results,
  • 2.8% click on the paid Ads and
  • 35% of searchers don’t click on anything.

Those remarkable numbers clearly demonstrate the importance and tremendous value that search engine – SEO – has here on the Gold Coast and beyond.

High SEO rankings are like having the best spot in town

We’ve seen strong SEO rankings transform businesses in a matter of weeks. We’ve always equated a number one SEO ranking to having your store in the best spot in town, with loads of passing traffic and plenty of people coming in to browse.

We are ranked number 1 in almost every Google search we asked for, and if not number 1, then at least number 3!”

David, Gold Coast car hire

Our CEO Brendon Sinclair often likens the investment required for top spots on very competitive terms to rent for that superbly positioned storefront.

“The ‘rent’ is generally super cheap compared to bricks and mortar and I really encouraged people to understand the value (and savings) a solid SEO strategy can provide,” he said.

Just imagine……

Just imagine having that number one spot. It matters and it matters a lot.

Here’s just one example of a Brisbane business web site traffic just a few short weeks after we started their search engine optimisation.

We’re talking a 15-fold increase in visitor numbers.

Yes, getting a high rank matters
Yes, getting a high rank matters

Just imagine dominating the Google rankings and having your phone ring off the hook!

We have a site that is already doing three times more sales, with the average sale price over four times what it used to be.”

Luke E, Gold Coast

That’s what great SEO results can do. Let us do that for you.

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