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As a leading Gold Coast advertising agency, Tailored Media have been at the forefront of marketing and advertising for 25 years. With renowned marketing specialist Brendon Sinclair at the helm, we have the knowledge, the experience and the expertise to get you great results.

After all, we’ve done it time after time for clients on the Gold Coast and across Australia.

Accredited, rated the best, award winning advertising agency Gold Coast

We’re a multiple Award Winner at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

We know just how to give you awesome value. We are proud of our people. We have in-house specialists across a range of areas.

A word from CEO, Brendon Sinclair

Brendon Sinclair - Advertising CEOOver the past 25 years as we’ve built the business to be a leading advertising agency Gold Coast and beyond, we’ve had some rich and varied experiences.

They’ve been experiences that make quite the difference to our clients for one simple reason. They have been experiences that get results.

We understand that your business is super-important to you, we are committed to getting results that make a big difference and we work hard each and every day for your success. You see, not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk.

I’m the author of one of the most profitable business books ever by an Australian author. I’ve marketed public companies, national franchises and major events. I’ve had an ABC radio show talking all things marketing.

I’m also a keynote speaker at conferences (when we had them pre-COVID!), Universities and business groups We’ve owned one of Australia’s most successful online businesses.

At the height of the ugg boots craze, we were Australia’s largest exporter of ugg boots.

Proven results across all forms of advertising and marketing

If it’s experience and expertise you’re after, we’re your team.

It’s about having the right people and right experience.

Not just what we say, hear from other business owners

“I just signed up as much in a day last week as I normally do in a month! And…at the risk of knowing that this will end up on your blog…..yes damnit you ARE as good as they all say!!”
Leanne Stevens, Brisbane

“We have a site that is already doing three times more sales, with the average sale price over four times what it used to be.”
Luke Edwin, Gold Coast

Advertising and marketing are about thinking differently too

One of the strengths of our team is Brendon at the helm.

This is a businessperson with a pretty impression list of achievements – you see, he thinks different than the rest of us.

After all, there aren’t many people who have written one of Australia’s most profitable ever business books, marketed public companies, had an ABC radio show and been recognised as a leading Internet entrepreneur with major sites including Australia’s largest exporter of ugg boots.

See what readers of his book had to say – the book was first published in 2003 (came out in 3 editions over 4 years) and was awarded the “Best Book in the Internet Industry” in 2004.”

“You wouldn’t believe the impact the Web Design Business Kit had on our business. This first month we had the kit our business income will be double what we have made any time in the last 3 years of business,”
Deborah Forrister

“Please stop selling this kit! I don’t want these secrets to get into the hands of my competitors…………….I use it as my web business marketing bible. It’s that good,”
Jeffery Davis

This kit is amazing. The sales potential generated from this kit is bar none some of the best in the industry. The first 8 pages of the kit gave me more direction on how to market and get the right mindest for my business than the last 3 years combined,”
Benjamin D. Cramer

I simply had to e-mail you to tell you what I think of your business kit, yes, it rocks! You are doing a great job Brendon and have a lot of worthwhile and beneficial information to share with others across all business types,”
Melody Wehipeihana

An integrated approach to marketing works best

We believe that one of the most important aspects when you deal with Tailored Media is this – we don’t recommend just the one service.

That doesn’t make sense to us.

  • If you go to a web developer, he’ll recommend a web site.
  • A digital marketer will recommend you spend all of your budget on Google AdWords or Facebook ads.
  • Then there’s the copywriter who’ll convince you the words themselves are the be all and end all.

What we do is take a holistic approach to your problems. We’ll recommend a range of solutions and tactics to meet you needs based on what you need, not on what we want you to have.

Our work serves a specific purpose

We work to provide solutions to our client’s problems. A question we’re often asked by prospective clients is:

How much is a web site?”

The better question to ask is:

This is the sort of business I have.
Let me describe the problems I need to solve.
Now, what would your recommendations be for my web site?”

That’s the best way to get the right solutions for your problems and make your business more successful.

Our best example of an integrated marketing approach

Let’s say you have a business that needs to build awareness of your product or service. Depending on a whole range of factors, but that might need:

  • professional photos
  • billboards
  • radio ads
  • search engine optimisation work
  • Google advertising
  • social media content
  • public relations
  • letterbox drops
  • bus ads
  • much more

Only a full service advertising agency can take care of all of that, with experts across every area to negotiate the best deal on that billboards (after researching the demographics of the placement area), refining the key message (you want your message consistent across all media to be memorable to the target market), scripting that radio spot, writing up that media release – you get the picture.

With an advertising and marketing agency offering all of this, we save you time, stress and money in ensuring the best result and the most effective ROI.

Why use Tailored Media as your advertising agency

✔ 25 years of experience

Tailored Media has long been a leader in advertising and marketing. With expert and talented team members, it’s experience that makes the difference and make you money.

Specialist expert team

With specialists across a range of areas, you deal with true experts in their fields. Experts who will ensure you get the best advertising deals and great results.

✔ Highly credentialed, award winning and results focused

We’re rated the best advertising agency on the Gold Coast, because we’ve been getting real results for 25 years of success. We know what works and we have the creative and execution team to make it happen.

It all comes down to results

We drive more clients to your business. It’s that simple. It’s an experience that matters.

Experience that makes the difference.

Proven experience that makes your business more successful and enjoying a fresh influx of clients day after day. For over 25 years we’ve done that for clients just like you. Take the first step today and call us on 07 5534 1228 and get the Tailored advantage.

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