• Hear him before he dies in some ridiculous way

    Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire, entertain and educate?
    A speaker with years of hands-on experience and success?
    A speaker with practical advice that actually works?

    • Advice based on 20 years experience.
    • Advice based on real-world experience and real-world success.
    • Advice based on not trying to sell you stuff you don’t want or need.

    How is he still here?

    Brendon is a Gold Coast based business guy with a portfolio of success, adventure and stories that’ll have your head spinning and jaw dropping … and have you wondering how on earth he’s still here.

    He’s the author of one of Australia’s most profitable ever business books.
    …who leaped into a freezing river in Outer Mongolia to save a mate.

    He once sold a staggering $250,000 of a $50 cream online in just one hour.
    …and crashed in a crocodile infested creek in remote Northern Territory.

    He was thanks to his SEO skills, at the height of their popularity, Australia’s largest exporter of Ugg Boots.
    …and motorcycled the world’s most treacherous road through the Indian Himalayas.

    He’s been at the forefront of marketing for 20 years as the CEO of a leading Queensland advertising and marketing agency.
    …and cycled 4,500 kms across Australia in just 30 days with his 15 year old son for charity.

    He’s had an ABC radio segment talking all things marketing, an e-newsletter with 250,000 subscribers, and has a vast array of experience marketing public companies, national brands, millionaire business people and more.
    …he has hunted with the famed eagle hunters of Mongolia, abseiled out of choppers, completed Ironman triathlons, and, most recently, smashed his motorbike into a kangaroo at 100 km/h on an outback highway – and lived to tell the tale. Obviously!

    So… are you ready to hear about it?

    As a popular keynote speaker based on the Gold Coast – giving talks on marketing, leadership and team building – Brendon weaves humour, passion and real life experiences into an engaging, informative and inspiring talk to business groups, university classes and conferences.

    Speaking topics include:

    • The future of marketing your business
    • The secret to standing out in today’s busy world
    • How to get the biggest bang for your buck

    Hear the secrets to his success

    1. How he had a client’s product featured on Hamish & Andy’s hit radio show for 3 months at zero cost (and generated over $300,000 in equivalent earned media).

    2. How a box of chocolates led to almost $1 million in business for a client. It’s so stupid and lucky it defies belief!

    3. With clients spending more than $1 million pa on Facebook and Google advertising, he’ll give you the insiders look at what truly works in the world of digital marketing.

    To book Brendon

    Phone: 07 5534 1228 or enquire now using the form below!

    Bloody brilliant – you summed up marketing better than any speaker in my fourteen years…

    What I love about you Brendon is you are so “REAL”… I thought your manner, your content and the way in which you related your life stories to some very practical methods for success were absolutely brilliant.