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    Media coverage can be one of the most powerful public relations methods to boost your business, build credibility and add massive value.

    Why is Public Relations so effective?

    Media coverage can be incredibly effective for two main reasons:

    1. Coverage – the message can be seen by millions of people very quickly.
    2. Credibility – a media mention is perceived as an independent third party endorsement. People trust the media and believe stories.

    What’s the best media coverage to get?

    It varies depending to a whole range of factors.

    Knowing who your audience is and how to reach them is the first step and the outcomes follow. We’ve seen a product generate millions of dollars in sales after a story on a national Channel Nine program, massive brand awareness when mentioned on radio and huge lead generation from a super simple article that was published on the NineMSN travel web site.

    As public relations experts based on the Gold Coast, it simply doesn’t matter where you are – the right story can get national coverage.

    How do you generate media coverage?

    It’s a carefully calculated combination of pitching the right story to the right media the right way.

    (Of course, not all public relations work is to generate media coverage. For example, we also provide strategic consulting advice for crisis management – knowing what to say and how to handle the pressure when things get messy.)

    How long does it take?

    Generating media coverage typically takes this path:

    Day 1-5: Discovery meeting, identifying objectives, development of key message(s)

    Day 6-10: Development of public relations strategy, creation of key collateral (media kit, media releases, images)

    Day 11-onwards: Proactive & reactive pitching

    Is media coverage effective?

    Media coverage can provide the best ROI of practically any marketing tactic. Our client’s results speak for themselves.

    • One public relations client generated in excess of $300,000 in leads (with a conversion rate of 50%) after a story appeared on an online news site.
    • We once sold $250,000 of a $50 product in one hour after Channel Nine ran a story on the product and inventor.
    • Another Gold Coast based client achieved widespread brand awareness (and increased sales) after Australia’s highest rated radio show featured our client’s product weekly for 3 months – at no cost.
    • Ongoing public perception work can have even longer term effects for your business.

    If building awareness and authority with your market is critical, a public relations strategy is a must.

    Who are you dealing with?

    Emma O’Mara

    PR Manager

    Emma O’Mara, PR Manager, has more than 10 years experience working in newsrooms, on major projects and events, and for large organisations and charities, including CareFlight.

    Most recently Emma worked as a Senior Media Advisor on the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

    Brendon Sinclair

    Founder of Tailored Media

    The founder of Tailored Media is a master storyteller with over 20 years of industry experience.

    He’s had an ABC Radio show, written one of Australia’s most profitable ever business books, been the Vice President of the Gold Coast Media Club and gained national coverage for many clients.

    Connected. Experienced. Expert.

    Why use Tailored Media

    ✔ 20 years of experience

    Founded on the Gold Coast by renowned marketing expert Brendon Sinclair,
    Tailored Media has long been a leader in advertising and marketing. With 15+
    team members, it’s experience that makes the difference.

    Specialist expert team

    We pride ourselves on our people. With in-house specialists across a range
    of areas, you get the right work from true experts from publicists, digital
    marketing experts, designers, copywriters and more.

    ✔ Highly credentialed, award winning and results focused

    Accredited Google Partners, rated the Gold Coast’s best ad agency, getting real
    results and committed to success.  With 20 years of success, we know just how to
    give you awesome value.

    Spilling the secrets on all things PR

    Although public relations (PR) can be incredibly beneficial, it isn’t an easy profession to define. Quite often, everyone has their own definition and they all differ significantly.

    PR is the planned and sustained effort to establish, maintain and uphold your reputation among the people that matter most to you.
    This is achieved generally through:

    • Brand and reputation management
    • Crisis and issues management
    • Media relations
    • Stakeholder relations

    Your money can’t buy you a good reputation. It’s something that isn’t formed overnight, but has the potential to be destroyed in an instant.

    We’re spilling the sprinkles on all things PR and letting you in on a few sweet little secrets.

    The power of PR can transform your business. Book your PR consultation with us today on 07 5534 1228 or use this form.