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Why use Tailored Media

✔ 20 years of experience

Founded on the Gold Coast by renowned marketing expert Brendon Sinclair, Tailored Media has been a long time leader in advertising and publicity. With PR Manager Emma O’Mara now onboard, the experience is what makes the difference.

Specialist expert team

We pride ourselves on our people. With in-house specialists across a range of areas, you get the right work from publicists, designers, copywriters and more.

✔ Highly credentialed, award winning and results focused

Accredited Google Partners, rated the Gold Coast’s best ad agency, getting real results and committed to success. With 20 years of success, we know just how to give you awesome value.

The power of PR can transform your business

If there’s one person who knows the power and the importance of PR, it’s our founder Brendon Sinclair.

He’s the author of one of Australia’s most profitable ever business books, he had an ABC radio show talking all things marketing, he’s a former Vice President of the Gold Coast Media Club.

From selling $250,000 worth of a $50 product in one hour after being featured on a national Current Affairs program, to generating hundreds of leads for luxury holiday home businesses, to doing crisis management work for hospitals, he has experience that matters.

Sure, being connected helps. But understanding the story angle matters more – and no-one has a better nose for what media want than Tailored Media.

It’s the reason we’ve had clients featured on the Today Show, Kochie’s Business Builders, Hamish & Andy, national TV news, just about every prominent metropolitan newspaper, the Huffington Post, major magazines and much more.

We’re rated best ad agency on the Gold Coast, we’re accredited Google Partners, we’re award winning, we run national campaigns, we have clients all over the world, we have hundreds of delighted clients – get in touch today and get the benefit that a well-crafted public relations strategy can provide.

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